Drawing the Civil Wars

Last night, I experienced the Civil Wars and fell in love.

Yes, you all know that temporal high conjured by the potent blend of poetry, melody & voice. Well, Joy Williams & John Paul White has this undeniable chemistry on stage that makes you fall in love with them and constantly wonder why they're not married to each other (especially when they sing into each other's eyes).  


Last night's performance at the Rio was still fresh on my mind when I woke up, and while I listened to the rain shower the city, my doodling took on a life of its own and here's the result 3 hours later. Thanks so much Civil Wars for coming to Vancouver. And thanks especially to my friend Brianne for letting me know they were playing in town! If you've never heard the Civil Wars, here is a link to a FREE live album.


Drawing: "I've Got This Friend"

Medium: pencil, ink, and marker on Arches Aquarelle series parchment. 
Size: 11 in x 15 in
For sale: $100 (unframed)

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Aww. You are a great artist!

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